How to choose an inflatable boat


Inflatables have a lower draft than aluminum flatbeds, fishing off them, you will climb anywhere in the body of water. Cost rubber floats inexpensive, so for such purchase just decided to decide. But when choosing a boat it is worth paying attention to certain nuances, not to regret the money spent for nothing.


Manufacturers try to make inflatable material stronger and wear-resistant, but of course it doesn’t compare with wood, aluminum or plastic . When choosing a boat, try to correctly prioritize which qualities are the most attractive for you and which are not so important.


The simplest and most popular design of “nuvayka” is a dinghy. This boat is loved by fishermen, because it is very compact, cheap and has the ability to walk under the motor and under the oars. On the stern of the product there is a small hinged transom, which is needed for hanging the light motor. Such boats are designed for a maximum of two travelers, they will not be able to overcome the strong current, so it is possible to use inflatable dinghies only in quiet small bodies of water.


Inflatables with motors sometimes bear the name sporty, they have several types. These models are more expensive, but also more durability. If you purchase a set-bottom boat made of hard plywood, you can safely stand in the boat without fear of tipping over. Install a six-litre quality motor and it will pull a load of about four hundred kilograms and against the current. The length of this inflatable product is up to three meters.


Motorboats with an inflatable keel and bottom have great stability. They cost even more and their dimensions are impressive. This boat is suitable for family holidays, it takes on board four passengers and does not lose stability. But the danger of puncturing the bottom still remains.


There are combined motors having a hard floor and an inflatable keel, they will allow you to walk on large water. The bottom of such boats is lined with sheets of specially processed plywood or aluminium blocks. The boats are produced with a length of up to five meters, and this is already a solid amount! The carrying capacity of such motorcars is solid — up to a ton.


Even stacked, hard-bottomed boats take up more space than their inflatable sisters. This is the optimal option for reliability and strength. Rib boats (that’s what they’re called) allow you to play with the space at will. You can place on its rigid design control and very powerful motor.

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