How to buy tickets for the 2012 Olympics

Those wishing to purchase tickets for the Summer Olympics in London are quite a lot, so you should hurry up with the purchase. Usually one or two weeks before the start of the competition tickets are no longer or remain only for the most uninteresting, from the point of view of most fans, competitions.

At the 2012 Olympics ticket distribution is organized very well. In particular, Russian fans got the opportunity to buy tickets to the Games back in April, and through official channels. The company “Cashier RU” distributes tickets in Russia, it is the official ticket agent of the XXX Olympic Games. You can freely purchase tickets by going to the company’s website. The minimum ticket price is 1200 rubles. On average, the ticket to the Olympic Games will cost you 4400 rubles.

It is not worth buying tickets from overbuyers or from hands, as in this case you will have to pay significantly more, a large enough risk of facing cheating. The number of scammers and speculators will grow as the Games approach, so it is better to purchase tickets in advance via the official channel.

By purchasing a ticket, do not forget to take care of the visa in a timely manner. Remember that England is not part of the Schengen area and a separate visa is required to travel to London. The documents required for obtaining a visa can be found on specialized websites.

Do not forget to book a room at the hotel, you will need a booking certificate at the time of issuing a visa. It is better to book a room directly on the site of the chosen hotel, rather than in numerous intermediaries. To find a suitable hotel, please dial in the search engine: “London Official Hotel Website”. Among the links that appeared will be links to hotel sites. Almost all such sites have an option to choose Russian language. Pay for the room is most convenient with a credit card.

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