How to buy a Surface Tablet


Open Microsoft Product Sales Site — Microsoft Store. Find the right item. This can be done by using the top navigation bar, the panels being deployed, or you can simply enter a keyword in the search box located at the top of each page.


Click the “mouse” on the name or icon of the product found on request for more information about the product description and information about the product methods of purchase and delivery. Add the selected item to your shopping cart. Delivery is made to the specified home or working address and is paid separately.


Check the order settings and make changes if necessary. To view the contents of the cart, click on the “Cart” link. To remove an individual product from the order, click the Delete link. After completing the check, click the “Check” button.


Log on to the website. This can be done in three ways: as a guest, using an existing account, after you create an account. To sign in as a guest, click the Continue as a guest button. Use the Windows Live ID to sign in to the site by using your account.


Create an account if you don’t have a Windows Live ID. To do this, select the Create Account option and follow the steps you want. After that, continue making the purchase.


Enter your credit or debit card registration details and address, phone number and email address on the website to receive an email with confirmation. Then click Next.


Select the payment method in the appropriate section. Credit cards of Visa and Mastercard payment systems are accepted and bank checks, postal money transfers, bank transfers or cash in any currency are not accepted.


Check your order details, then click “Finish Purchase” to send it. When the order is processed, the message “Order is completed” will appear, and a confirmation email will be sent to the email address.


Because the Surface tablet has not yet gone on sale, it can be ordered in advance anytime prior to release. To do this, specify the credit card details, quantity and delivery method in the relevant section. To view or cancel a reservation, use the “How to contact us” link. Money from the credit card will not be charged until the item is shipped.

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