How to buy a car in Kemerovo


For starters it would be nice to purchase several Kemerovo newspaper publications printing private ads, e.g. local version of “From hand to hand”. It is within them that you can find information about selling cars, mostly used. Quite often similar newspapers print a list of car dealerships that you can use in search of a vehicle.


If you do not have the means to buy a new car, and you will be quite settled by a used one, you can try to find a car on the Internet. Enter in the line of any search engine the phrase “buy a car in Kemerovo” and you will see several links to ads with similar content at once, in particular, on the portal


Also on the Internet there are specialized websites dealing with the purchase and sale of automobiles. One of them, located at, deals with it in the territory of the Kemerovo region. When working with such portals, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the markup on the cost of cars here may be quite high, as it is about buying and selling through an intermediary.


You can purchase a car using the usual forums, which have branches dedicated to the purchase and sale of property of users. One of these Kemerovo forums is the portal Here you can arrange a meeting with a potential seller, find out all the details you are interested in about the vehicle and discuss the possible price.


The most reliable way to buy a car is to go to the auto market. In Kemerovo there are several, but the most famous and popular is located at ul. Tereshkova, 54. The market is notable for having its own website on the Internet –, where all available at the moment in the sale of machines are presented.

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