How to brew coffee with cognac and rom

You’ll need
    • strong coffee
  • sugar
  • rum
  • brandy brandy
  • instructions
    The most famous coffee cocktail at the same time as rum and cognac is prepared in Jamaica. It’s called Jiggy Coffee. Jiggy – the slang word it denotes something extravagant, stylish, but at the same time a little nervous, excited with a light crazy and certainly fun. The main secret of this drink is in proportions. If you mix coffee, rum and cognac “on the peephole”, you get a rough, unpredictable result, if you take 8 parts of coffee and one cognac and rum each, the flavor and taste of alcohol will be too strong. The ratio of 10:1:1 is considered ideal harmony. At the same time, as in all beverages of this kind, cognac means not real alcohol from the province of Cognac, as its taste does not bear out more sharp and aggressive rum, but that in the of the international classification goes as a brandy drink or brandy.


    To boil Jiggy prepare 5 cups strong hot black coffee at the rate of 1 tablescup medium grind powder per 200ml water, 1/2 cup golden rum and 1/2 cup brandy, as well as 4 tablespoons sugar and 1/4 teaspoon ground allspice pepper. Alcoholic drinks are better brother authentic, such as Nephew Jamaica Brandy and Captain Morgan. First add sugar and pepper to the coffee and then pour the alcohol. Spices in this hot cocktail are not accepted, as good golden rum is already rich in them.


    Carajillo is a Spanish drink to which rum or brandy are added, or both drinks at once. There are two legends of its origin at once. One tells the story of the Spanish occupation of Cuba and tells that such a combination should have instilled courage in the troops. The second insists that Carajillo is the drink of Barcelona cargo carriers, who did not have time to drink one thing and mixed coffee with alcohol in one utensils, because – Que macaw guillo — too hurried. Over time, the carajillo of the simple drink of soldiers and workers turned into a cocktail with many ritual acts. Someone claimed that he did not do without coffee, someone believed that the right carajillo would only get when sugar was absorbed into the cup, alcohol was poured and set on fire. Coffee in this case is poured directly on the flame.


    Another coffee cocktail with rum or cognac is Italian caffe corretto, adjusted or proper coffee. At the same time, Italians do not regulate strictly alcohol, which need to “fix” the drink, but insist that it is correct without cognac, rum, grappa or liquor coffee can not be. Cooked caffe corretto is very simple – a spoon of sugar is added to the cup of the strongest espresso and poured literally one “splash” of strong aromatic alcohol.

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