How to become a woman on content


If you want to become content, remember that from now on your appearance is a product. But as every commodity, it needs care and care. Keep an eye on yourself, maintain an orderly day regime, visit fitness centers and spas. Any barely noticeable wrinkle or crease can dramatically depreciate your offer in this specific service market.


Think about what kind of man you want to see in the role of your content, what plans for the future you build. Either way, pretend like it’s in your eyes — the center of the universe. And try for the man to believe it, as the representative of the strong sex will forgive the woman much, but only not dismissive attitude. Even if he’s just a fleeting stage for you on the way to a more well-off content, don’t let him know that.


Remember Woland’s wise words from “The Master and Marguerite”: “Never ask for anything! They will offer and will give them all!” In no case can you suggest that you need it only as a source of money and other material goods. After all, man is characterized by self-opinion, and he hopes deep down that you still love him.


Learn to behave so that the content himself has the desire to make you gifts. Either point him to that point with truly female art and circumstantial paths. Having received money, decorations, payment of bills, etc., do not forget to sincerely thank, but do not fall into childish delight. Behave with restrained dignity.



‘t forget also that beautiful women are many, and your brilliant appearance is by no means a guarantee of the long attachment of the content to you. As well as your intimate virtues: women of easy behavior are also quite a few. Therefore, your main task is to make it interesting for him to communicate with you. To see in you not only a sexual partner or a woman with whom you can go to the resort, go to a club, restaurant, theater, etc., but also a close person who will always listen, understand, calm down, advise something. If you manage to become such a person for him — consider that you have achieved great success.

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