How to become a participant in the Big Cowboys Convention in Canada

All 10 festival days in Calgary are filled with lots of events. The holiday program is so rich and diverse that not even all locals can afford to participate in all its events — it’s enough overhead for the family budget. To become a member of the Big Cowboys Convention in Canada, you will need to pay for entry to the Stempind Ground, the competition arena. The ticket costs $14 for a full day.

However, it is not necessary to freak out – children under 6 years can go there for free, and from 7 to 12 – for half price. In addition, during the festival there are two days in which families can participate free of charge. That’s what they’re called — Family and Children’s Day. However, to pass without money, you need to show up early — from 6 to 9 a.m. In addition, the show organizers will offer free breakfast to the first 20 thousand visitors. It

is not necessary to spend all day at the Stampede Ground – you will be able to leave the festival and then return to the evening performances. There will be a mark on your entry ticket that admission is free for you on that day. The organizers of the festival also took care of pensioners – for them there is also a separate day, on which they can watch competitions and shows, as well as breakfast and ride carousels for free. In addition, on this day for those who are 65, there are great discounts in all the many shops and souvenir shops operating at the festival.

Speaking of carousels, without which many Canadians don’t imagine real holiday and fun. A full ticket to participate in all rides for one day costs $49, on Children’s Day your younger family members have a discount — a ticket for all rides will cost only $20.

Tickets for rodeo and evening show with van races depend on seats, sit-ins are more expensive, stand-ins are cheaper. If you are not settled children, it is better to buy standing places, which for an adult cost 12, and for a child from 7 to 12 years – 6 dollars. You will be able to perfectly see everything that happens in the arena from anywhere you will be.

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