How to authorize auto services

You will need
  • – training;
  • – certificate.

If there are any problems with a new car still on warranty, it should only be repaired in authorized auto shop. This means that its specialists have received appropriate training from the manufacturer of this car or its individual systems, received appropriate certificates and have the right to engage in service service. Typically, car dealerships tell the car owner which authorized service centers should contact in case of a problem.


Authorization can also take place at the level of individual car systems — e.g. engines, fuel systems, shock absorbers, automotive electronics etc. In order to authorize the STO in a specific direction, the owner of the service needs to contact the nearest representative office of the company producing this equipment and learn the training conditions personnel. It should be borne in mind that in order to ensure quality maintenance of cars it will be necessary not only to pay for training specialists, but also to purchase the necessary diagnostic and repair equipment.


The training structure includes theoretical and practical lessons that can be conducted on the basis of an authorizing company or in the territory of STO The duration of training depends on the level of initial training of specialists and the complexity of the equipment studied. On average, it’s 8-16 academic hours.


During classes, the focus is on practice. Students learn the necessary skills of repair, use of diagnostic and other equipment. Following the results of the training, the specialists who passed it will be awarded the necessary qualification, and the service station will be issued with a qualification certificate for the right to provide appropriate repair services.


As a rule, following authorization, the service station is able to purchase from the training company at minimum prices necessary original spare parts, which reduces the cost of repair and improves its quality.

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