How to apply for postgraduate studies


application form can be found directly at the university. To do this, you need to visit the department dealing with the admission of yesterday’s students to study for advanced training. Here you will be given to fill in the approved form of the document. As an option, it can be searched on the Internet on the website of your university.

An application is issued to the Vice-rector for scientific work of the educational institution where you want to go to graduate school. You must specify your initials in this document in full, without any abbreviations. In the text of the application, indicate that you are asked to participate in the competition for admission to graduate school in the department and further title, then specify the name of the faculty and specialty. Don’t forget to specify the form of training – full-time or part-time. Your passport information must also be present in the application. For young people it is necessary to put directly in the application the mark of the military registration office.

To the application, attach a set of documents, which includes a diploma of higher education, passport, photos of the size of 3×4 cm, for young people it is necessary to create certificate. The application for admission is submitted only with these papers.

In the commission on receipt of documents you will need to fill out the form and approved at the university’s high council. It is

necessary to bring documents within the terms defined by the management of the university. You can get acquainted with them or on the portal of the educational institution on the Internet. You can also call the admissions committee and clarify all the information you need.

Once you have delivered the documents, it is only necessary to wait for the date of the start of the exams. Typically, they start closer to autumn – in August or early September. The schedule will be called in the admissions committee.

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