How to administer servers for CS


Remember that to be able to create an “admin” on the Counter Strike server, you must have an installed AMX modification. First, you must open the configs folder located in the Addons subdirectory from the main folder of the game. Find the users.ini file in it.


Right-click on the file and select “Open with”. Select the standard Notepad system program. If you do not have this application in the list, you can click Browse and specify the path to it yourself. Don’t forget to pre-save the settings file elsewhere for the possibility of rolling it back in case of incorrect actions.


Go to the end of the users.ini file and type the text: “my name” “my_password”, step back by one space and specify the administrator name with password to access. This option can be used if your IP address is dynamic.


Use a different method if you have a static IP address. Provide the relevant IP information and password to login. To access the server from your computer, also write “″ before your login and password. Restart the server and try your first login as an administrator.


Run Counter-Strike and open the console panel with Tilda (~). Here, write the command setinfo_pw [password]. Click on the input button. You will now have all the basic server settings that you can change at your sole discretion.

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