How to adapt a template

You will need
  • – site template;
  • – Photoshop program;
  • – FireBug browser extension;
  • – Notepad++ editor.

Find the website template suitable for you on the Internet. Explore the proposed templates, paying attention to the possibility of adapting them to the monitor size, the features of the column layout and menus. Download the selected option. Check its health by pouring files into the root of the site you create. If the template contains errors that appear in the work, it is better to find another option.


Change most of the images in the template. Replace each picture as follows. Run Photoshop and open one of the template graphics files. Look at the Image menu in the Size box for the picture settings. Open a new sheet with the same dimensions and create the image you want on it. Save the result to the template folder under the name of the graphics file to be replaced. Therefore, all meaningful images must be replaced.


Change the remaining parameters using cascading tables style.css, a formal programming language that describes the appearance of document. These changes are more convenient to make through the admin panel, and the results are better viewed on local hosting so as not to upload each update to the server.


Download and install the free FireBug extension for your browser. A yellow bug icon must appear in the upper right corner of the browser window. Click on the icon and press F12. The collapsed page code appears at the bottom of the screen. You can open it if you hover over the plusices. By clicking on the item line, you can see how it stands out at the top of the screen. On the right side of the code window are styles with the lines that are responsible for the appearance of the page.


Open the template in Notepad++ editor. Find the parameters to be modified using FireBug and edit them in Notepad++.


Save the result and upload the created site to the server.

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