How the terrorist attack happened in Burgas;

on July 18 at Sarafovo airport the bus was waiting for tourists from Tel Aviv. Travelers’ luggage was already loaded, with a minute to minute shipping expected. Part of the passengers was in the cabin, some people stood near it. And quite a small group was still in the airport building. A white-skinned man with long hair approached the luggage compartment of the bus and, after forcing several suitcases, put his bag there. This caused tourist discontent. Some of them approached the man and began demanding he take their bag away from him.

At this time the bus was filled with people, because just a few minutes later it had to go to the Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach. According to the victims, the salon was practically full. Most likely, the terrorist was counting on him to stay alive. He planned to put down his belongings, which contained an explosive device, and leave for a safe distance. But he was prevented by tourists. In the end, the terrorist had to blow up the bus while in close proximity to it. Authorities say the mechanism was powered by a remote device.

The explosion killed 7 people and wounded more than 30 (including two Russians who were nearby). Two buses that stood near the site of the attack were also injured. On 22 July 2012, the press reported that an unknown group, Qedat al-Jihad, claimed responsibility for the bombing. Earlier suspicion fell on the Hizballah organization, but its members refused their involvement in the incident.

Authorities believe the bomber came to Bulgaria long before the attack and he had two people in his accomplices, believed to be a man and a woman. The taxi driver who gave a lift to the man who organised the bombing claims that the man spoke fluently Russian. American rights were also found from the suicide bomber. But there have been problems with identification, his DNA and fingerprints are not in any database around the world.

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