How the terrorist attack happened in Bulgaria

On the

evening of July 18, 2012, in the parking lot of Sarafovo airport, which is located in Bulgaria (Burgas city), a massive explosion hit a bus. At that point, it was home to Israeli tourists who had arrived to relax at the local resort. Through this airport several hundred Russian tourists arrive daily, however terrorists hunted for holidaymakers from Israel. The explosive device set off a suicide bomber who entered the cabin of the bus with passengers.

Thirty-five citizens from Israel were injured in the attack, 34 of whom were flown home by military transport planes the next day. A bus driver, a suicide bomber and five Israelis were killed.

Two versions are checked at once. One of them had been placed in a vehicle before tourists had landed and luggage was placed, the other was placed in a suitcase and detonated at the moment when the belongings were loaded into the luggage compartment.

One hour before the bombing, the terrorist came under security cameras at the airport. The man was dressed in a tracksuit and wore long hair. After his death, a driver’s license was discovered in the name of a citizen of the United States of America, a Michigan resident. But as it turned out a little later, the documents were fake. Law enforcement agencies are tightly engaged in identification of the suicide bomber, DNA examination has been carried out.

Almost an hour before the arrival of passengers from Israel, eyewitnesses saw a man walking around the bus. When he went into transport an explosion thundered, his body suffered more than others. From which it was concluded that he carried an explosive device on himself. Israeli services are confident that Iran is involved in the organization of this attack, but no evidence has yet been provided. Only on 20 July will the Bulgarian airport begin operations as normal.

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