How the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics end

Israel, for which the incident became a national tragedy, did not satisfy the outcome of the investigation of the terrorist act. Survivors of terrorists and involved in organizing the attack were detained by German police, but under threat of more attacks that Palestinians had promised to carry out, the detainees were released as a result of the exchange. The bodies of five Palestinian dead, at the urging of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, were extradited to Palestine, where they were named national heroes and buried with great pomp.

Of course, this state of affairs did not settle Israel at all, as perpetrators of death of athletes were not punished either under state or international laws. The question of adequate responses and, more simply, revenge is at the highest level of the State.

Operation “Wrath of God”, conducted by Israeli intelligence “Mossad”, began. Its purpose was the physical elimination of all participants of the terrorist attack and the people involved in it. There were 17 persons. Punishment of terrorists did not make themselves long to wait — already in October 1972 one of the organizers of the attack was shot dead. 9 months after the tragedy, 13 people were marked in the Mossad list.

Two more Palestinians involved in the killing of athletes died later. The other two on the Mossad list escaped punishment, one of them died in 2010, the second, the only survivor hiding in an African country.

The London 2012 Olympics marks the 40th anniversary of the events in Munich. IOC members, athletes and residents of London honoured the victims of the attack on July 23. A moment of silence was held at the Armistice Wall, symbolizing the peacekeeping idea of the Olympics. More than 100 people attended the event, including IOC chairman Jacques Rogge, head of the London Olympics organising committee Lord Coe, as well as the city’s mayor B.Johnson.

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