How the Summer Garden Festival is held in Riga


Festival is held according to a program with several thematic sections. They are seeds and seedlings, soil and fertilizer, garden tools and implements, seedling, landscaping. Its venues represent the largest exhibition-fair. On them you can not only admire the rare beauty of plants and flowers, but also purchase seedlings, seeds and seedlings for a garden or summer plot, veranda, terrace or even balcony.


Successfully chosen time of the festival – in early June the summer gardening season begins. Gardeners have the opportunity to get acquainted and purchase new varieties, seeds, technologies and methods of growing garden plants. Here there is everything that might be necessary for lovers to “subdue” in the ground: seedlings of ornamental trees and shrubs, garden furniture and tools. Right there, at the exhibition, you can get professional advice and advice on growing garden plants and flowers, on landscaping and landscaping of your site.


At the festival there is an opportunity to get acquainted with different varieties and buy seedlings of vegetables and flowers, fertilizers and special formulations for improving soil fertility, as well as vasons for garden flower bouquets. Professional consultants will help you choose plants that are optimal for the type of soil and garden conditions.


At each festival there are large exhibitions of flowers of a certain kind: irises, gladiolus, dahliogin, etc. Clubs of flower growers who specialize in the breeding and cultivation of a particular type of flower take part in these exhibitions.


At the festival participants can look after and buy decorations for their garden — benches, pergolas, lodges, small architectural forms — garden sculptures, fountains. Representatives of enterprises take part in the work of the exhibition, so you can immediately conclude a contract for delivery.


Parallel to the festival there is a fair where you can buy interesting products of craftsmen from textiles and leather, various decorations. At the fair you can also buy farm products.

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