How the Stars of the White Nights festival”

The festival opened on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre with a production of “Boris Godunov”, in the main part was Evgeny Nikitin, conductor Valery Gergiev. Notably, the opera was staged as edited by 1869.

And the next day there was a grand opening, which was marked by a symphony concert. The presenters were well-known Russian actors – Chulpan Hamatova and Yevgeny Mironov. The opening program featured works by Rubinstein, Mussorsky, Prokofiev, etc.

All subsequent days took place in a stir. A huge number of theatre, ballet, opera productions. Among them are George Balanchine’s ballet “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to music by Felix Mendelssohn, which sparked public backlash, and Igor Stravinsky’s “Spring Sacred” choreographed by Vaclav Nijinsky. The performance of the last performance turned out to be timed to coincide with the not so distant 100th anniversary of the production, which will be celebrated in 2013.

Some productions have also been timed to coincide with any significant dates. First of all, for the bicentennial of the festival “Stars of White Nights”, a folk musical drama “Khovanshchina” was shown on the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre. In memory of the People’s Artist of the USSR Galina Kovaleva Vladimir Galuzin and Yevgeny Nikitin sang in the opera “Queen of Spades”. On the anniversary of the honored artist of the RSFSR Alexandra Shestakova was played “Aida”, and on the 100th anniversary of Natalia Dudinskaya showed the graduation performance of the Academy of Russian Ballet named after. A. ME. Vaganova. And it’s far from a complete list.

Within such an extensive festival, another one took place. It is the V New Horizons Contemporary Music Festival, which ran from June 2 to June 7.

The final event of the musical forum was the screening of Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Tosca” with the participation of Maria Gulegina and Vladimir Galuzin.

During the festival there were more than one hundred productions and concerts, which were attended by more than one hundred fifty thousand spectators, residents and visitors of the northern capital.

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