How the Russian team performed at the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City

Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City went down in the history of the sports movement as the most scandalous. And problems were not only at the Russian national team, but also at others. In most cases, problems arose with the use of banned drugs.

One of the main humiliations of the Russian side was the situation with skaters. When, honestly riding for their gold, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze were declared winners, the hall erupted with a dissatisfied hum. The protest was expressed thus by the American side, which was in addition to the whole hostess of the Olympics. As a result, conversations began about bribing one of the judges by the Russians. And even the opinion of experts who in the voice said that victory of Russians deserved, nobody took into account and consideration. As a result, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Movement, two pairs stood at once – Russians and Canadians, favorites of organizers of the competition.

Hockey competitions athletes lost due to substandard refereeing. Umpires turned a blind eye to clear violations, interrupted play where doing so was optional.

In Olympic Salt Lake City left their gold and Russian skier Larisa Lazutina. Samples taken from her after a race revealed in the athlete’s blood presence of the banned drug. The commission decided not to stop there, presented the Russian side the protocol with the results of tests of the skier four months ago, which also confirmed the presence of doping in her blood. Experts are confident that done it was deliberately to deprive Larissa of previously earned medals, thus improving the score of her direct competitors, some of them Canadian. The

gold of the national team was able to bring skier Yulia Chepalova. The singles skaters also didn’t pump – Alexey Yagudin took gold, Evgeny Plushchenko – silver.

As a result of the held in Salt Lake City, Russia received 5 gold medals and 4 silver and bronze medals each. Athletes themselves told about a completely intolerable environment organized by organizers of sporting events, about their survival from the Olympics and humiliation from those who were responsible for working with foreign delegations.$

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