How the Music Festival will take place

Especially popular with tourists, guests of Glasgow, and Scots themselves is the Celtic Music Festival – Celtic Connections. It takes place annually since mid-January and lasts nearly three weeks. The festival focuses on Celtic culture and music and features a record number of performers working in different musical directions but united by one common theme – Celtic.

Usually, the number of people willing to perform at this prestigious international music forum is closer to three hundred. Not only musicians from different parts of Scotland come here, but also those who popularize Celtic music in the UK, France, Canada, Spain and the USA.

The Glasgow Music Festival, dedicated to the ancient and ever-young culture of Celtic, brings together around 300 different events in its programme. They take place at stage and concert venues, exhibitions, seminars, meetings.

Most of the performances can be seen at the main venue of the festival — on the stage of the Royal Concert Hall. On it, at one time, audiences listened to such world-famous performers as Shinaid O’Connor, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Joan Baez, Silly Wizard, Clannad, Alison Kraus, Bob Geldof, Shane McGowan, Evelyn Glennie and others.

This event is not just as entertainment. It is an extensive and very informative educational program, “classes” in which more than 10 thousand schoolchildren attend. For them, doors are open for free to any event taking place at the festival festival, and many have the opportunity to hear works relating to Celtic culture for the first time. And only 100,000 tourists visit the city for the duration of the festival, which is a great help to Glasgow’s economy.

At this time, representatives of record companies from all over the world come to Glasgow. This is a great opportunity for young performers working in the genre of Celtic music to declare themselves. Often festival concerts end for many of them signing contracts and participating in tours in different cities and countries.

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