How the movie “Citadel” was shot

In 1994, the Russian-French war drama “Weary of the Sun” produced a furor in the film community and won the Oscar as best foreign movie. Although the ending of the painting was quite unambiguous, several years later director Nikita Mikhalkov decided to return to the story of comdiva Sergei Kotov, his wife Marusi, daughter Nadi and family friend, who turned out to be a traitor, an employee of the NKVD In 2010, a sequel to “Weary of the Sun” was aired. The second part of the trilogy, titled “Primarie”, became as of 2012 the highest-budget Russian film.

The final picture, “The Citadel”, was scheduled to appear in wide release in November 2010, however, the premiere was postponed for some reasons to 2011. The film was shot in parallel with “Precision”, it featured all the main actors involved in the first “Weary of the Sun”: Nikita Mikhalkov as Kotov, Nadia Mikhalkova as his daughter Nadia , Oleg Menshikov as Miti. The only new actress to play an already famous character was Viktoria Tolstoganova. She tried on the image of Kotov’s wife Marusi instead of Ingeborga Dapkunaite, who did not agree to the director’s demand to give up for the sake of filming her participation in the reality show “Big Brother”.

Preparations for “The Citadel” took the actors a lot of time and required a certain amount of courage and diligence from each. Nadezhda Mikhalkova, whose heroine becomes in the war the employee of the medical unit, passed practice in the hospital named after Burdenko, learning to open ampoules with medicine with one hand. Dmitry Dyuzhev, who played a Belarusian, took Belarusian lessons. And Victoria Tolstoganova in a hurry order got into shape after giving birth, as during filming she managed to become twice a mum and get pregnant with the third baby.

The film was shot both in the pavilions of “Mosfilm”, where the Cotov dacha was built, and in kind, mainly in Gorokhovets, on the river Klyazma, where the bridge, the church was built (later blasted in frame) and a hundred-meter citadel.

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