How the International Day against Drug Use in Russia

Over a hundred years, the use and distribution of narcotic substances has been combated around the world. As early as February 1909, thirteen countries that had participated in the Shanghai Opium Commission were trying to find ways to limit the traffic of narcotic substances from Asia. Russia was a member of the international commission. But even after more than a hundred years, law enforcement agencies of all countries are still too far from completely defeating the drug trade.

According to statistics, more than 2.5 million people systematically use drugs in Russia. If all drug users are taken into account periodically, the figure will turn out to be twice that. Achievements include the fact that the number of drug addicts does not increase but does not decrease at the same time. One in two addict doesn’t live to age 30.

The International Day against Drug Use and Distribution is an event aimed at creating a society free from drug dependence that will lead to the themselves addicted people and teach them to live without drugs.

Large-scale events around the world are held on this day. Actions, seminars, trust conversations, explanatory work, recognition of addicts who have managed to find strength and overcome terrible addiction are what helps to draw public attention to an existing problem.$ The

UN General Assembly approved the observance of World Drug Day in 1978. That day is hard to call a holiday. All the horror of the problem calls people to solidarity, teaches not to remain indifferent if nearby someone dies by taking another dose of potion.

Lectures are held in higher, secondary and special education institutions to which medical professionals and former drug addicts are invited, ready to tell the truth about drug addiction.

Charity concerts by pop stars take place around the world. All proceeds go to medical and rehabilitation centers where drug addicts are treated.

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