How the Honoring of Heaven in China

Honoring Heaven is a numerologically significant holiday because it is directly related to the number 6. This number in Eastern astrology symbolizes the earth’s element, the peasant’s heavy but fruitful labor, well-being and happiness. Also, as the cult of the sky has been major in China for many centuries, so is the number 6 considered central to Eastern numerology.

On the Day of Honoring Heaven, the Chinese pray to the gods that they do not saturate harmful insects that destroy crops and harm humans and pets. In order to get rid of pests, the Chinese on this day in the morning for several hours carefully cleaned in houses, breads and utility rooms, wash clothes, smoke with special incense all things, wash pets and bathe themselves. It is thought that this will help exterminate harmful insects or drive them out of their habitation.

At the same time, on the Day of Honoring Heaven, the Chinese ask the gods for beneficial insects to bring them greater income. This is particularly true for mulberry worms. To bolster their prayers, people decorate the dwellings with a variety of products made of silk. They are thought to make prayers much more effective. To curry the favor of the gods, the Chinese also make symbolic sacrifices. In particular, they are burning paper and special incense.

Traditionally, on this day after the end of thorough cleaning, the whole family gather at the table. A special ritual lunch is held, during which pampuns prepared according to a special recipe are served. Wealthy people also cut cattle and prepare meals of fresh meat for lunch. That being said, it is important to consider that killing animals is not a sacrifice, as the Chinese believe that the God of Heaven, the most revered of all the gods of this country, is merciful and requires no blood.

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