How the filming of the movie “Street Dances-2 3D”

For their new film, director Max Jiva and Denmark Pasquini did not confine themselves to finding British actors as they did for the first part of ‘Street dancing”. This time they picked performers across Europe. As a result, a company of talented dancers from different countries gathered on the set of the picture. Many of them had no acting experience, but were already popular on the street and had an army of their own fans.

Professional dancers with acting experience were required for the lead roles. They were German Falk Henschel and Algerian Sofia Boutella. Curiously, Sofia’s heroine in the script prefers Latin American dancing, while the actress herself is a flamboyant representative of the hip-hop world. Her partner Henschel, by contrast, was already familiar with salsa.

The storylines of the first and second film vary greatly, but the directors introduced several already loved heroes into the new picture. They were George Sampson and Akai, and the dance group The Flawless. In addition, the prequel featured high-level star Charlotte Rempling. In the sequel, she was replaced by the equally popular Scottish actor Tom Conti.

The screenplay of the film “Street Dancing 2″ envisioned the protagonists’ journey through Europe. Thus, the film crew traveled to Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and the Netherlands. Everywhere dance fans greeted them with joy, armed themselves with cameras and posted pictures and clips on Twitter and Youtube.

The mixing of salsa and hip-hop is quite unusual for dance movies. Basically, in such pictures there is a union of ballet and street dance, which in the final gives birth to extraordinarily beautiful duets performed by the main characters. Two top hip-hop choreographers Richard and Entonni Taluega and Latin American dance director Michele Font were found for “Street Dances 2″.

They approached the work very seriously and from the early days forced the whole group into the work. Each day, the dancers trained for 8 hours, honing each movement. Experienced performers were not used to such a schedule, because they are all real professionals. Sofia Boutella got the most, she had to be intensively trained in salsa for 6 weeks.

Music is always very important for paintings like this, so its choice took great effort. The directors wanted it to be modern and at the same time with hints of Latina. They managed to cope with this task with remixes to Cuban music. In addition, the film features songs Sunday Girl, Angel, Wretch 32, as well as LP and JC.

Max Jiva and Denmark Pasquini have been working together for a long time. Their career in the world of directing began with years of work creating music videos. This rich experience came in very handy for them during the filming of “Street Dancing 2″. This vivid dance drama gracefully blends love history, creativity and real friendship.

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