How the festival Ghent Holidays goes out

The history of the “Ghent Holidays” began in 1843, when the first festival was organized in the suburbs of Ghent. Somewhat later, the celebration was moved to the city center, and all festivals by the decision of the city government were combined into one long celebration held once a year. During the World Wars, the celebration of the festival was cancelled, and with their completion, interest in the “Ghent Holidays” among the local population was somewhat lost.

However, since 1969 came the second birth of the festival. And this time it became even more popular, attracting the attention of tourists from other countries. The reason for this is street musicians who gathered together on the main square of Ghent and gave interesting and unusual concerts.

Today, a large number of cultural and entertainment festivals are presented within the framework of the “Ghent holidays”, among which there is a festival of dance and jazz music, humorous and circus festival, theatre and many others. More than 1.5 million people visit “Gent Holidays” each year, and the heart of the festival is still St. James Square.

The celebration of this event begins on Saturday, which precedes 21 July – the National Holiday of Belgium, and continues for 10 days. About its offensive is announced by a special glashatay, and the very first event of the “Ghent holidays” – a parade of all its official participants, during which the central streets of the city turn into a solid pedestrian zone.

The festival program is represented by a wide variety of concerts, ranging from classical and jazz to contemporary electronic music. You can also see productions of puppet theatre and street theatre, get to a costume ball and watch a cabaret performance. Among the free performances are concerts of ethnic music and alternative rock, as well as disco music. And wraps up festive events fabulously beautiful fireworks.

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