How the color and size of dishes affects the amount of food consumption

Thinking logically, one can understand that it is better to eat from small plates. So you’ll feel like you’ve eaten a lot. If you put the same amount of food in a large plate, the portion will look smaller, which will increase the feeling of malnutrition.

Color is known to have a significant impact on a person’s perception of certain things. Therefore, when choosing dishes you need to pay attention to its color.

In Soviet times, white ware was the most popular. Many people still have the habit of eating from white plates. The contrast that is obtained between a variety of food and a base of white, attracts attention and increases appetite.

Pink, orange and green dishes are not suitable for those who want to get rid of excess weight. These colors provoke gastric juice secretion, which makes a person eats more than they need. If your child is moody and refuses food, pay attention to the dishes of these colors.

Yellow plates are better used for first courses. This color increases appetite, but also contributes to the appearance of a sense of saturation. If you are alone in one soup, it is likely either give up the second at all, or reduce the portion. And this will have a good impact on your figure.

If you have red plates in your kitchen, get rid of them. The ability of this color to excite and irritate a person’s psyche can cause an uncontrollable sense of hunger. You will be haunted all the time by the desire to chew something.

Also, you will eat everything in the plate with incredible speed. This applies not only to the utensils completely painted red, but also to the one on which a pattern of such color is present. Therefore, it is better used to feed children too.

The dishes of blue are ambiguous. It’s safe to eat out of it. You will not experience a sense of aggression and hunger, as in the case of red plates. But drinking tea, coffee or other drink from cups of that color is not worth it. This procedure causes dissatisfaction, which can affect the sense of measure.

Nutritionists recommend using dishes of dark color — black, brown, purple or blue. Food in such plates does not look so attractive and appetizing. And that’s good for those who want to lose weight.

Plates of dirty green are the absolute leader among appetit-lowering utensils. Associations with something unpleasant are incapable of causing a sense of hunger. Therefore, if you want to reduce the volume of portions, purchase swamp-colored dishes of small sizes.

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