How the Cologne Lights Festival

Festival “Cologne Lights” began to be held in the summer of 2001 and has since become a landmark event among festive events not only in the native Germany, but also throughout Europe. Every year, the number of people wishing to enjoy an exciting performance is constantly growing, gathering millions of viewers from all over the world. And if for the first time it was attended by only a few thousand spectators, the seventh festival has already attracted more than a million people. No wonder, because his fame reached the most remote towns of France, Great Britain, Spain and many other countries.

“ Cologne Lights” are a show of a large number of diverse fireworks, charming the night sky with thousands of intricate patterns made of lights. Viewers can enjoy millions of different combinations of colors and lighting effects that appear thanks to the large number of Bengali lights and fireworks.

And to feel at the heart of this amazing sight, you can look at it from the side of a pleasure ship. There are many different pleasure boats and barges along the Rhine River, inviting everyone to enjoy the multicoloured swells and fiery fountains.

During the festival there is also a diverse concert programme, during which Cologne residents and guests can hear famous performers and musical groups. Days away in the city centre there are many shops, souvenir shops, chic restaurants and cozy cafes offering goods and food for every taste.

And the nail of the feast is a thrilling orchestral performance that is accompanied by a marvelous fireworks display. The best orchestral ensemble of the city gives a concert, with which millions of amazing beauty sparks burst into the night sky.

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