How the closing of the Olympic Games

Each closing ceremony is accompanied by a common march of athletes. All delegations that took part in the games enter the stadium with a single column. One athlete from each country carries the flag, and behind it all athletes march, without any grouping or distinction. In the course of the ceremony, athletes mix and disperse across the stadium, forming together as if a “united people”.

The national anthem of three countries is played: Greece (as a mark of respect for the country to which the Olympic Games were coined), the host country and the country to host the next Winter or Summer The Olympics. At the same time, the flags of these countries — the flag of Greece on the right flagpole, the flag of the host country — on the central, the left flagpole remains the country in which the next Olympics are planned. This is

followed by the Antwerp ceremony, during which the head of the city that organized the games hands a special Olympic flag to the President of the International Olympic Committee. For this purpose, there are three flags decorated with fringes and tied to the flagpole with multicolored ribbons.

This is the Antwerp flag provided to the International Committee at the 1920 Summer Olympics by the city of Antwerp and transmitted to the next host cities of the Summer Games up to the Games 1988, held in Seoul. The second flag is the flag of Seoul handed over by the mayor of Barcelona in 1988, it is also intended for cities hosting the Summer Games. At the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo, a third flag appeared, it is handed over to each city that will host the next Winter Olympics.

The President of the International Olympic Committee, having received a flag from the head of the city holding the Olympic Games, passes it to the mayor of the next city in which the Olympics is planned. He, in turn, whips that flag eight times. The nation hosting the next Olympics presents its culture with theatrical and dance performances.

Speeches are followed by the President of the Host Olympic Organizing Committee and the President of the International Olympic Committee. They officially close the Olympics and invite to meet again in four years to host the next Games. To the sound of the playing anthem, the Olympic flame is extinguished, the flag is lowered and it is carried away from the stadium.

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