How the “blacklists” of air passengers will be replenished

Yamal, Aeroflot and Transaero flights have been caught up in scandals. Passengers flying them claimed the crew had behaved unprofessionally and rudely with them, violating their rights. However, in a more detailed examination of complaints it became clear that these complainants themselves behaved in an inappropriate manner – threatened crew members, brawled, scandalized and even fought. As instances of inadequate passenger behaviour on planes were emerging and a bill to introduce blacklists began to be drafted. This list should include the data of those people who have distinguished themselves in the last 5 years by their inadequate behavior on the plane.

An electronic database will be created, which will include the names and passport details of brawlers. It will be distributed to single ticket sales centers and to the computer networks of all Russian airlines. When selling tickets, cashiers will have to check with this base anyone who wants to purchase a travel document and refuse those who appear in it.

The principle of the purchase of electronic tickets should also be carried out with the simultaneous verification of the passenger’s name and his data on this database. Only so it will be possible to avoid getting on board the inadequate person, who by his actions violates order and interferes not only with the staff, but also other passengers. It

will be easy enough to replenish these lists. Once a passenger disrupted order on board the airliner, according to information given by the crew – the ship’s commander or stewards – he will be entered into a “black” database, and his name automatically appears in cashiers lists.

The draft idea is being developed, and parliamentarians are considering how it can be implemented painlessly and without mass appeals to the courts. In addition, there must be a possibility of removing from the blacklist those passengers who have realized their guilt and have fully rectified.

Such lists are already widely used in other countries, and this, experts say, has helped bring order aboard aircraft. In addition, the quality of service has improved markedly.

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