How the bidding for Cadillac Al Capone

New auction auction will be held on July 28, 2012 in the U.S. state of Michigan of Plymouth. The initial price will be named at $300-$500,000. On

the auction site note that documentary confirmation of car belonging to the famous Chicago gangster is absent. However, the owners of “Cadillac” are confident that the car belonged to Al Capone, and cite verbal confirmations.

In 1958, the car had already been auctioned off. Armoured Cadillac was bought by another owner Harry Labreck from Patrick Moore. It was Patrick Moore who received a rarities car into the property from a Chicago agent, who in turn received it from Al Capone.

“ Cadillac” was exhibited at several automotive museums in the city of Niagara Falls. Tourists and collectors from all over the world came to see the rarities car.

Today’s owner Johnn Okwinna purchased the car in 2006. From this time, the first auction bids were appointed.

With an engine capacity of 5.58 litres and 90 horsepower, the Cadillac 341-A develops speeds of up to 112 km per hour. The car has a three-speed gearbox. The weight without armor is 2.3 tons.

According to Conceptcarz website, the highest price for Cadillac series 341-A managed to get at auction in 2006. The owner paid 621,5 thousand dollars for the rarities car.

How will the next auction auction, it will be possible to learn only after their conduct. Live coverage from the state of Michigan of the American city of Plymouth will be carried by all American television channels.

In the state of Michigan of the American city of Plymouth will eat all connoisseurs and collectors of rarities cars, journalists from different countries. The auction pitch has not yet been disclosed. The winner of the auction will be named immediately after bidding.

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