How the attempted mufti in Tatarstan

The assassination attempt on Valiullah Yakupov was carried out somewhat earlier than on the Mufti of Tatarstan, and Ildus Faizov already knew about him when in his car was coming back from the radio station. After one of the intersections, he said, he decided to stop and call a cellphone. After stopping the car, the mufti heard a cotton explosion and was thrown from the car by a shock wave. In doing so, he suffered fractures to both legs, but escaped life-threatening damage. Perhaps Ildus Faizov was saved by not using his seat belts. Later, the Supreme Person of the Tatar clergy was taken to the Republican Clinical Hospital of Kazan.

According to the representative of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation, the mine was secured under the head of the car, and two more followed after the first explosion. There was no security in the car of the supreme spiritual person of the republic or the cars of escort. During actions on “hot trail” investigators managed to establish that the mufti car was continuously followed by another car which after explosion disappeared from a place of terrorist attack. Its driver was installed and detained – it was Abdunozim Athaboev, the citizen of Uzbekistan. Besides him in the following days four more citizens of Tatarstan were detained. One of them, Rustem Gataullin is the head of Idel Haj, a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. According to police officers, he threatened the mufti of Tatarstan when that suspected any frauds with the cash flow of the company. Another detainee, Murat Galleyev, is the head of one of the parishes, two more – residents of different districts of the republic.

The representative of the investigative committee does not yet report on the existing versions of this crime and does not say that the attempt on the deputy of the Supreme Mufti and the bombing of the car is part of one criminal plan. Valiullah Yakupov was shot while leaving the entrance of the house, but was able to reach his vehicle, where he was found.

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