How the anti-cafe

Anticafe is a place where people pay not for food and drink, but for time spent here. The cost of such pleasure varies in different establishments, of course, but on average it is about 2 rubles per minute. Tea, coffee, other drinks, sweets and light snacks are offered free of charge. Naturally, there is no rich and varied menu in such establishments.

Anticafes are arranged so that every visitor can do what he likes. Here you can play board games, dance, read a book, do work or just chat with friends. Many anticafes have the opportunity to arrange film sessions, separate rooms for negotiations, seminars and conferences, have all the necessary office equipment, Wi-Fi, laptops, in the some places even equipped their own library.

For those who don’t like to sit still, some anti-cafes have playing areas where everyone can play table tennis or hockey, mini golf, billiards and other games. For those wishing to relax and relax – cozy sofas, armchairs and even hammocks. No one will ban you from taking a nap here. For all the above entertainment, extra pay is usually not necessary.

Another important hallmark of anti-cafe is here you can come with your food. However, in many such establishments there is a ban on alcohol.

How is the anti-cafe billed?

When you come to the anti-cafe, the administrator records the time of your arrival, and you are given a watch by which you will be able to track the number of minutes. In some establishments time counting is automated, in such cases visitors are given plastic cards at the entrance. In both case, the bill is paid at the exit of the institution, the sum is calculated for the number of minutes spent in it.

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