How the 2004 Athens Olympiad

The Opening Ceremony of the XXVIII Summer Olympics was held on August 13, 2004 at the purpose-built Olympic Stadium in Athens. The first part of the ceremony was a theatrical show that took place on an artificial lake in the center of the stadium.

Then the water was lowered, and began the parade of the participating countries of the Olympics, which was accompanied by the performance of famous DJ Tiësto. The opening ceremony ended with the lighting of the Olympic flame and colorful fireworks.

Athenian Olympics were attended by athletes from 202 countries, including the Afghan team that missed the Sydney Olympics, as well as representatives from East Timor and Kiribati , who took part in sports competitions of such scale for the first time.

At the Athens Olympics, 301 sets of medals were contested in 28 sports. The program of the Olympic Games was replenished by sabre fencing and women’s wrestling. The leader of the unofficial all-team standings was the U.S. team, which won 102 Olympic medals, including 36 golds. Among the athletes who participated in the XXVIII Summer Olympics, the leader in the number of medals won was the swimmer from the United States Michael Phelps, who received 6 gold and 2 bronze awards.

Athletes representing Russia performed at the 2004 Olympics slightly worse than predicted. For example, the performance of the Russian national team in such traditionally winning sports for it as artistic gymnastics and swimming were unsuccessful. However, some athletes showed high results and brought deserved medals to the national team piggy bank.

At the women’s pole vault event, Russian Elena Isinbayeva set a world record by taking a height of 4.91 m. The Russian women’s long jump team also distinguished, taking all three places on the pedestal. High achievements were achieved by the representative of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics and synchronized swimming competitions.

Men also pleased: boxer Alexander Povetkin won “gold” in super heavy weight category, Yury Borzakovsky won race on distance 800 m, in competitions on Greco-Roman wrestling Alexei Mishin and Hassan Baroyev became the Olympic champions.

At the Athens Olympics, Russian athletes won 92 medals, 27 of them gold. In the unofficial all-team competition, Russia finished third, behind the United States and China. At the same time, our national team became the leader in the number of bronze awards received (38 medals). It

was not at the XXVIII Summer Olympics and without doping scandals. The day before the official opening of the Games, Greek athletes Konstantinos Kenteris and Ekaterina Tanu staged a road accident in order to avoid taking doping samples. News of this was leaked to the media and, without waiting for the decision of the disciplinary commission, Kenteris and Tanu withdrew from the competition.

The Russian athlete was involved in one of doping scandals. Analysis of doping samples of track and field athlete Irina Korzhanenko, who won “gold” in pushing the nucleus, showed the presence of a banned steroid. The athlete was stripped of the medal she won and disqualified for life.

The closing ceremony of the Athens Olympics was held on 29 August 2004. Organizers of the Olympics handed over the relay stick to representatives of Beijing, where the next Summer Olympics took place. The International Olympic Committee was satisfied with the level of preparation and holding of the XXVIII Summer Olympic Games.

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