How the 1994 Lillehammer Olympics went out

The 1994 games featured teams from 67 states. For the first time, a separate team from the Russian Federation competed at this Olympics. Before that at games played the national team of the Soviet Union or, after its dissolution, – the United team. Also at the Olympics there were independent teams of Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Kazakhstan. Czechoslovakia split into two states, and now athletes from the Czech Republic and from Slovakia participated in the games. Yugoslavia was in a state of civil war, but one of the newly independent states – Bosnia and Herzegovina – was able to send its athletes. For

the first time, some southern countries participated in the Winter Games, such as Israel, American Samoa and Trinidad and Tobago.

As a result of the selection of athletes at preliminaries, the USA team became the most numerous The Russian and German national teams were marginally lost to her.

The first place in the medal standings went to Russia. A significant part of the team was athletes who managed to make a name for themselves in Soviet sports. Traditionally, Russian biathletes performed well. In figure skating, Russian athletes received three out of four possible gold medals. Gold was received by a team of skiers and several skaters. But the hockey team disappointed fans without getting into the prize-winners.

Second place was taken by the hostess of competitions – Norway. Skiers and speed skaters in this country, including the famous Bjorn Dalen, have brought the most medals.

Third place was left behind Germany. German skiers and sleepers showed the best results. Also 2 medals were received by athletes for ski jumping.

Team USA ended up in fifth place. She has traditionally shown herself to be weaker in winter sports than in summer ones.

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