How the 1992 Barcelona Olympiad

Two international events were held in Spain in 1992. Summer Olympics in Barcelona and World Expo in Seville. Therefore, the changes taking place in the country were aimed not only at preparing for the games, but also in general at holding special international events. For example, various benefits were provided for enterprises that decided to participate in the construction of Olympic facilities and buildings for the exhibition.

Preparations for the Summer Olympics included not only an economic but also a socio-cultural moment. For the first time, the city authorities in coordination with the IOC held the Cultural Olympiad. Under this name combined a series of events that were held for several years prior to the games themselves. The

beginning of the Cultural Olympiad was the “City Fiesta”. It is a festival that celebrated the delivery of the Olympic flag from Seoul, where the previous games to Barcelona were held. It was at this event that Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé performed their famous duet “Barcelona”. After that, a number of events related to the Olympics — 1992 were held.

In 1991, the collapse of the USSR took place. During the year, the former republics, which became independent states, could not have time to implement all the formalities associated with the creation of NOCs and make applications for participation in the Olympic Games. Therefore, they were granted special permission by the IOC to act as the joint CIS command. Only Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia competed as independent teams.

In addition, for the first time at the Olympic Games the team of united Germany According to forecasts it made Germans real contenders for victory in the all-team competition. In the end of course it led to the fact that before games it was very difficult to make any confident predictions. Experts predicted a victory for Team USA.

However, the Olympics showed the fallacy of these assumptions. The first place was taken by the combined CIS team — 112 medals. The second place, in the absence of the GDR, was won by USA athletes — 108 medals, and the third place was the German team — 82 medals.

The main contribution to the CIS team’s victory was made by track and field athletes, shooters, wrestlers, swimmers, weightlifters and gymnasts. USA athletes won in swimming and synchronized swimming, basketball, sailing, tennis, track and field and rowing slalom. It was in Barcelona that the USA introduced its basketball “Dream Team”, which included Michael Jordan, Lari Bird and other prominent basketball players.

Athletes in Germany have distinguished themselves in equestrian, field hockey, rowing, cycling, kayaking and canoeing. In 1992, sports such as badminton, women’s judo and baseball were added to the Olympic program. Before that, at the Olympics they were only as a demonstration species.

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