How the 1976 Montreal Olympics were


right to host the Summer Olympics Montreal gained in 1970, beating Los Angeles and Moscow, whose bids were considered preferred. There is a well-founded view that the Olympic Committee chose Montreal to not conflict with any of the superpowers.

Preparation of the games lasted six years and became one of the most expensive in the history of the Olympic movement — 5 billion dollars were spent on hosting the games, which at the current rate is 20 billions of dollars. Montreal climbed into debt, which it paid until 2006. Canada’s record was broken only in 2008 — about $41 billion was spent on hosting the Olympics in China.

Queen Elizabeth II opened the Olympics. Interesting was the ceremony of lighting the Olympic torch: if usually it was just delivered to the country of holding the Olympiad, this time the fire lit in Athens was a special device transformed into electric current, then into a radio signal, which was taken in Montreal and again converted to fire.

7,121 athletes from 121 countries competed at the Summer Olympics in Montreal. Already during the Olympics, it was left by representatives of 29 African countries to protest against the South African national rugby union match held in New Zealand. The

absolute leader in the number of awards was the Soviet Union, its athletes won 49 gold medals, 41 silver medals and 35 bronze medals. Honorable second place was taken by athletes from the GDR, on their account 40 gold, 25 silver and 25 bronze awards. The third place went to Olympians from the United States – 34 gold, 35 silver and 25 bronze medals. Unsuccessful was the performance of the hosts of the Olympics, Canadians did not manage to win any gold awards, receiving only 5 silver and 6 bronze medals.

At the 1976 games, women’s basketball teams competed for the first time, the gold was won by female athletes from the USSR. The men who won bronze medals proved well. They did not fall behind and traditionally strong gymnasts — six athletes got gold at once. Soviet fencers were the first to compete on rapiers and men on sabers. Representatives of other sports proved themselves. Forty gold medals speak for themselves, for the Soviet Union it was one of the most successful Olympic Games.

The Summer Olympics in Montreal has gone down in history and as one of the most guarded — the safety of Olympians was provided by more than 20,000 police officers. The reason for this was the sad events of the previous Munich Olympiad, in which eleven Israeli athletes and a German policeman were killed by Palestinian terrorists.

Despite some downsides conventional enough for events of this magnitude, the Montreal Summer Olympiad has forever made Olympic sport history, bringing many new records and delivering fans quite a few happy minutes.

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