How the 1968 Grenoble Olympiad

The 1968 Winter Games were the first competition at which doping controls were introduced. The events in Grenoble were followed for the first time by viewers around the world via a telecast in colour. Also, a new technology of creation of ice coating was applied here, which positively affected the results of athletes.

On 6 February, at the opening ceremony of the Grenoble Olympics, Charles de Gaulle was the guest of honour, giving the acceptance speech. The closure occurred on 18 February at the Stade Ledigière.

35 sets of medals were contested in 10 sports between 1,158 athletes, among them 211 women. The competition program included the men’s biathlon relay, in which the winners were Soviet biathletes Alexey Tikhonov, Nikolay Puzanov, Viktor Mamatov and Vladimir Gundartsev. The

debutants of the Olympic Games in 1968 were national teams from Morocco and the GDR. Unfortunately for the toboggan team from the GDR, the first performances were overshadowed by scandal: the German performed better but were disqualified for mismatching their sports equipment technological requirements. It

wasn’t just German athletes who had problems. Winter in France was warm — refrigeration units just didn’t manage to provide trails for bobsleigh and toboggan sports. In the end, the program of these disciplines was reduced.

Jean-Claude Killie — the host of the Olympics won the most medals. He has gold in slalom, giant slalom and downhill. A high-profile scandal has been linked to his name. His rival Karl Schranz had the opportunity to pass the track for the second time, but in the end was withdrawn from the competition at all.

Among the countries the champion in the all-team competition was Norway with 6 gold, the same number of silver and two bronze. Athletes from the USSR at the Winter Olympics in Grenoble came second with 5 gold and silver and 3 bronze medals. The winning streak of 3 consecutive Olympic Games won was interrupted. The hosts of the Games were third with 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze awards.

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