How the 1948 London Olympiad

Some traditional member states have not arrived at the London Olympics. Teams from Germany and Japan were not invited to the games due to the aggression of those countries during World War II. Italy still got the right to send its athletes, as the fascist regime in that country was overthrown before the end of the war.

The Soviet Union’s involvement also became a problem. The USSR team received an invitation, but the political leadership decided not to accept it. As a result, the games arrived national teams of 59 countries. Some of them participated in similar competitions for the first time, for example Guiana, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Venezuela. Also speaking as yet unified team of Korea, by then finally not divided into North and South. China was represented by the Republic of China team – it is Taiwan’s official name Mainland China, on which the establishment of the power of communists took place, did not take part in games.

First place in the unofficial medal standings by a significant margin went to Team USA. Traditionally, American track and field athletes have performed well. Gold went to the USA Basketball team. Male swimmers, as well as weightlifters and wrestlers performed especially successfully.

Second place was won by Team Sweden. The gold was received by that country’s football team. Also great success was achieved by athletes of this state acting in Greco-Roman wrestling. The men’s canoeing team performed perfectly. The

third was the French national team. Traditionally, French cyclists showed a high level of training. The team of the hostess of the competition, Great Britain, took only the 12th place. 2 gold medals were won by English rowers, and one more – a Briton who competed in sailing.

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