How students fight corruption in high schools;

Every student may face a manifestation of corruption as early as the first stage of passing the entrance exams. Often even having excellent knowledge, applicants are forced to pay bribes to enter the budget office. During training for money, you can buy any coursework, take credit or exam.

More recently, in July 2012, the State Duma, represented by the head of the security and anti-corruption committee, Irina Yarova, took care of the issues of fight against corruption in universities. She suggested students to fight corruption in universities together with deputies. Yarovaya believes that students of higher education institutions are able to take part in the eradication of this shameful practice, because they are its direct defendants and suffer from corruption in the first place.

To counter corruption mechanisms used in universities and institutes, students must consciously raise their level of education and study well, be impeccable, so that bribes do not become the tool by which academic failures are corrected. The

initiative of deputies was supported by the Russian Student Union. It developed a “Program against corruption and infringement of the rights of students of universities”. This document describes the measures that students propose to carry out to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to eradicate the vengeance. In particular, they are initiating the creation of a special monitoring body that will review student complaints and verify them.

As one of the ways to restore order in higher education, it is proposed to use the quota of the number of students and postgraduates taking part in the General Meeting, a body that is not only elects a rector and a scientific council, but also decides the most pressing issues of university activity. In particular, students and graduate students must take part in the election of the vice-rector and dean responsible for dealing with students. According to the Student Union, such measures will allow to democratize the educational process and overcome manifestations of corruption.

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