How seawater acts on hair

Sea water has a negative effect on hair color and structure. She literally drains moisture out of her hair, as a consequence – hair secures, becomes stiff, start falling out, lose former shine and healthy look. Moreover, sea salt can reach a considerable depth into the scaly layer of the hair and stay there for a long time, harming your hair.

Increase the negative effects of seawater on hair UV rays. Under the sun, the salt dries quickly and causes the hair rod to break down. That is why it is very important not to forget immediately after swimming in the sea wash your head with fresh water. At the same time, just rinse your hair – not enough, you need to wash your head well with shampoo. For this purpose, shampoos and conditioners that restore the structure of the hair are well suited.

Protect your hair you can even before swimming. To do this, before plunging into the sea, wet your head with fresh water. Water, getting on the hair, will fill the cuticle and help to make it more resistant to salt. This procedure is especially important if your hair is weakened by chemical (coloring, chemical perm) or thermal (hair dryer, hot hair dryer, hair iron) exposure. In such damaged hair, the porosity of the cuticle is much higher, which makes it vulnerable.

The best way to keep your hair safe from the negative effects of seawater is by using special bathing caps. Also a good solution to the problem can be lotions, conditioners and balms designed to protect hair from salt, sun and other negative external factors. Today, many manufacturers produce similar products. For maximum effect, it is recommended to use them together with regenerating shampoo. The most useful in this case is hair products that have keratin in their composition.

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