How Russia will perform at the London Olympiad

The London Olympics will be held from July 27 to August 12, 2012. According to RIA Novosti, the composition of the Olympic team of Russia will be known no earlier than July 11, 2012. It is expected that 440-450 Russian athletes will go to the games to compete for 302 sets of awards in 37 sports.

To make reasonable predictions about the results of the performance of the Russian team at the Olympic Games of 2012, it is necessary to take into account the results of the performance of our athletes over the . Analysts say there has been little change in the balance of forces since the Beijing Olympics. In the overall standings of summer sports continue to lead Chinese athletes, followed by athletes from the USA, and the Russian Federation team objectively takes the honorary third position.

To the main rivals Russian athletes will be extremely difficult to reach, and among possible applicants for the third place closest to Russia are selected representatives Great Britain. The hosts of the upcoming games will surely make every effort not only to perform adequately in the “home” arena, but also to snatch the third position from Russia. In these conditions, the Russian Olympians face a difficult task – to perform in full force, having shown results not lower than at the last years World Cups. The

all-team place of the Russian team will depend, first of all, on the performance of track and field athletes. Analysts believe that here Russians can claim at least six medals of highest dignity; as much “gold” was won by track and field athletes at the Beijing Games. Some experts believe that in these types of program Russian athletes can get up to 19 medals of the highest test.

Some concerns are the training of Russian swimmers. Swimming stands in second place in the number of awards kits played, but competing on an equal footing with Americans to Russian athletes in these types of Olympic program will clearly be difficult.

High hopes are placed by coaches on wrestlers who always bail out the team in difficult conditions. At the Olympics in London, at least three gold medals are scheduled to be awarded in this sport. In other sports, the balance of forces shows that athletes from Russia are able to hold the bar on awards at the level of the Olympic Games in Beijing. According to the results of the previous Summer Olympics, Russia was third in the unofficial competition, winning 72 medals, of them — 23 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze.

Making accurate predictions on the number of medals is a thankless thing. There have been times when similar predictions have broken down about contingencies related, for example, to injuries to athletes. The minister of sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko considers that in London the main wrestling in unofficial medal standings will unfold between the Russian and British athletes. The sports official is confident Russia will hold onto its third place at these Olympics as well.

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