How Ramadan passes in Egypt

With the arrival of Ramadan, it starts to seem to some tourists that only foreigners walk through the streets all day, while Egyptians are somewhere disappear. But with the onset of evening the inhabitants of the country suddenly start celebrating, turn on loud music and have fun. The fact is that at dawn Egyptians go to prayer and spend several hours in mosques, after which they go home and sleep until noon or even into the evening. At this time only some establishments are available, including shopping shops and diners for tourists.

In the evening Egypt’s cities gradually come alive. More and more people appear on the streets, entertainment establishments are opened, a turbulent trade begins. Some shops give food to the poor, and restaurant and cafe owners offer big discounts to their customers. Egyptians praise Allah, broadcast religious broadcasts on radio and television, in mosques, in homes and in the streets, devout people read the Koran. Muslims will fester and strictly observe the ordinance of prayers and the special mode of eating.

During Ramadan celebrations, all Muslims are instructed to behave in a special way. They must be devout, prevent lies and even less slander, forgive people their mistakes, be good to others, even if they are inverted. On the days of Ramadan celebrations, Egyptians bow to the greatness of Allah and learn tolerance and the ability to do good without wanting to receive anything in return. Families go for picnics, neighbors celebrate together, and even strangers Egyptians can be invited to attend events. Many cities hold seminars and lectures, during which people can learn more about Muslims.

After the end of Ramadan, Egyptians have a lush feast that lasts 4 days. At this time, most of the establishments and even government institutions are closed, everyone is resting and having fun. People give each other gifts, put on their best outfits, organize salutes, sing and dance.

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