How probiotics help in the formation of strong health


Note that probiotics include microorganisms that are natural inhabitants of normal microflora human: lactic acid lacto- or bifidobacteria. Living in the intestine, they perform a number of important functions: maintain the qualitative and quantitative composition of its flora, normalize digestion. In addition, they improve skin and hair condition, produce vitamins and strengthen immunity.


Do not apply probiotics yourself – these remedies are prescribed by a doctor. They aim to treat and prevent dysbacteriosis and related diseases. They are used in gastroenterology, dermatology, gynecology, metabolic disorders, immunodeficient conditions, after treatment with antibiotics. What is important is that microorganisms in probiotics when passing through the stomach do not break down, maintaining their activity and vitality and starting to act exactly where necessary — in intestines.


Probiotics in themselves are not medicines, they are used as special additives and are found in many fermented milk products. This means that in addition to the drugs used as prescribed by the doctor, you can improve your health by probiotics yourself. To do this, regularly eat live yogurt, protokvashu, kefir, ayran or any other fermented milk products containing lacto- or bifidobacteria.

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