How Pisco Sur Cocktail Day in Peru

This unusual holiday was officially established in 1999. Thousands of Peruvians in every corner of the country mark it for days.

Until recently, there was a heated debate between Peru and Chile about the origin of the Pisco Sur cocktail. Both countries are famous for the huge variety of lemon varieties, which is used as a classic ingredient for this drink. But today there is an official document confirming that the birthplace of the Pisco Sur cocktail is Peru.

According to one version, the national Peruvian drink was invented at the beginning of the last century in Lima’s most popular bar. Its recipe is simple enough: egg white, sugar syrup (3 parts), lemon juice (4 parts), cinnamon and other spices are added to Pisco grape vodka (8 pieces). Usually the drink is served undiluted without ice.

The Pisco Sur cocktail festival includes fairs, competitions, concerts with performances from local Afro-Peruvian and Creole music groups, as well as free mass tastings of the drink , accompanied by energetic dancing and universal fun. The festival features Pisco’s most famous brands: Huarangal, Tacama, Ocucaje, Santiago Queirolo, etc. They offer their products to residents and visitors of the country.

At the famous “Pisco Bar” in Lima, the celebration takes place over two days. Visitors to the establishment are offered more than 30 different cocktails made on the basis of Pisco. In southern Peru, where the key production zones of this drink are concentrated, a traditional competition for the best cocktail is held.

Interestingly, the celebration in honor of the Pisco Sur cocktail is not limited to one day. In 2004, a formal decision was made to celebrate this important event for the people of Peru annually also on 1 Saturday of February.

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