How parents will be responsible for violations of juvenile scooters

Currently in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation there is Article 156, under which parents of underage scooterists can to be held accountable for failure to fulfill the duties of upbringing. But in practice, this article does not apply to parents of young scooterists.

For violation of the rules of traffic by a minor scooterist his parents are issued an administrative fine of 300 rubles. If a minor scooter became the perpetrator of a traffic accident, parents pay a symbolic fine, the maximum amount of which is 1500 rubles.

Members of the independent organization of motorist movement, vice-governor of the Moscow region ask to adopt the appropriate law and increase the amount of fines. In case of violation of traffic rules and driving without appropriate equipment, parents of a young scooterist must pay at least 10 thousand rubles. At the same time, the scooter will be withdrawn forcibly. If a dorozhno – transport incident is made, there are victims, parents need to be brought to criminal responsibility.

So far, such harsh methods have not been applied. Deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation cannot come to a common opinion. Deputy chairman of the security committee Gennady Gudkov confidently declares that such norms of punishment are completely unnecessary. Deputy Anton Ishchenko agrees with the adoption of the law on introduction of large administrative fines for parents of scooterists, but completely disagrees with the adoption of the law on criminal liability.

While deputies reason, meanwhile people die on roads. According to statistics last year in accidents involving low-power equipment 108 died, 2504 people suffered. One in eight accidents were committed with the participation of a drunken underage scooterist.

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