How often you need to take breaks at work

Do not limit the rest time to a lunch break alone, because short pauses during the working day are necessary. According to the observations of psychologists, the work-rest mode of different employees may vary, so you should choose the option that suits you.

Pauses are not recommended too often, as in this case planning will prove very unsustainable. Moreover, constant interruptions are distracting, do not allow how to concentrate on work. That is why experts recommend to rest not earlier than 50 minutes of work.

The most optimal option, according to some psychologists, is a rest of 5 minutes at the end of each hour and 10 minutes once every 4 hours. On the one hand, the employee manages to concentrate on the job, and on the other brief pause becomes quite enough to distract a little, relieve tension, regain strength. After a five-minute pause, it’s much easier to concentrate on work again.

A more difficult option is to rest for 5-7 minutes every hour and a half. You can also prefer a different mode — a long pause in the middle of the working day, as well as a rest of 10 minutes two hours before and two hours after it.

And finally, there’s another option. If you find it difficult to get back to working on a project after a rest break, try to divide the work into basic, preferably independent blocks. After completing one block, rest 3-5 minutes and proceed to the next. For example, you can spend half an hour talking to customers, 40 minutes checking documentation, etc., arranging short pauses between these sessions. This will help to distract from the previous task and regain strength to perform the new one.

And finally, remember that it is necessary to rest properly. Make a short office charge, go outside and get fresh air, drink a cup of tea, listen to music, etc. Step away from the computer, let your eyes rest. Don’t think about work, superiors and customers, just rest.

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