How not to pay for plane tickets

You will need
  • – participation in the airline’s bonus program.

Accumulate a certain number of “miles” and you will get the opportunity to purchase free (as an option — a discount ticket), and will also be able to upgrade the class of service on the purchased ticket (for example, from economic to business class).


Note that major alliances and airlines allow their customer to accumulate “miles” also for flying partner airlines (and spend points on flights partners). In addition, bonus points are issued for purchasing certain types of goods and services.


Take advantage of the most popular methods of accumulating bonus points after air travel. Use a bank co-branded card and purchase hotel services.


Please note that the most popular in Russia bonus programs that allow you to make free flights are Aeroflot Bonus, owned by Aeroflot, and Miles and More of Lufthansa.


To become a member of the bonus program, fill out the electronic questionnaire on the airline’s website or its paper counterpart on board the aircraft. When making a co-branded card, the bonus account opens automatically.


Get a temporary bonus program member card. It is a printout with your personal details and membership number. The permanent card will be plastic and will send it to you by mail if certain conditions are met (Aeroflot sends the card after the customer accrues the first 2 thousand miles in the bonus program).


Enter your card number (permanent or temporary) during ticket purchase or check-in. Bonus “miles” will be credited to you within a few days of the flight.


The number of “miles” depends on the booking class, on the distance between cities and other nuances, which you can get acquainted with in the bonus agreement, contracted with the company. How to spend “miles”, how many of them are needed for one free flight, as well as their expiration date, learn directly from the host company presenting the bonus program.

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