How not to get blacklisted airlines

First of all on the blacklist are those who, for some reason or another, behaved inappropriately on the plane, bullied or even more committed actions that may have harmed passengers or crew members. Sometimes it is enough to blacklist one airline for hooliganism to further deprive yourself of the opportunity to buy a plane ticket altogether. The fact is that airlines share information with each other and constantly top up their lists of unwanted passengers.

To avoid the rank of air hooligan, be polite and correct both with other passengers and crew members, unconditionally follow the instructions of flight attendants, do not use too much alcohol neither immediately before the flight nor during it. Do not respond to the rudeness of other passengers and even less do not get into a fight, even if you are provoked. The best way out of unpleasant situations will be to appeal to the flight attendant with a complaint.

Unfortunately, it’s not just drunkenness on the plane or attempts to start a fight that can cause the passenger to be blacklisted. The basis for inclusion in it can also become too nervous human behavior. The fact is that people who are afraid to fly planes often cause panic on board, as other passengers looking at them also become nervous. Even worse if a fit of tantrum begins, as it is sometimes quickly passed on to others. If you’re very worried before flying, be sure to take a sedative and try at least to seem calm.

Finally, remember that all the requirements of airline workers in general and crew members in particular should be met. Refusal to turn off the cell phone at the request of the flight attendant or the pilot, attempt to carry the prohibited cargo on board, or reluctance to pay for the transfer of luggage, may well be the reason that in the future you will no longer be able to use airline services.

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