How much points from Google will cost

Google.Inc has been developing cyber-glasses for more than 2.5 years. So far, however, the final product is never ready. All Project Glass samples currently in existence are experimental pilot models under development. Google’s promo video picture is just a simulated video shot by ordinary cameras and slightly embellished with computer graphics. It demonstrates the possibilities that developers would like to supply miracle glasses with.

Samples of Google Glass shown at the June 27 presentation can take photos and videos and play it straight to the lens. According to the reviews of people who managed to try out glasses, the picture review does not interfere, but the sound is heard badly.

A small video shot on the camera of cyber-glasses and a few still shots allow you to judge the high quality of the image, but that’s it. Sergei Brin’s touching account that without his glasses he would not have been able to capture his games with his young son is mild bewildering. It is possible to make a similar shooting (as well as other video – Skydiving Demo at Google I/O 2012) with the help of already familiar action cameras fixed on a suitable headdress. So the promised revolution, able to “turn the life” of the ordinary, remains only audacious plans for the future.

Manufacturers still have a lot of work to do on the product. Great inconvenience causes the battery behind the ear, which also works only 6 hours. Even such a key issue as the way to communicate with the internet has not yet been resolved. It will be a self-contained module Wi Fi (3G/4G) or glasses will still have to commute through a smartphone — all these developers have yet to think about.

Who and when will be able to buy Google Glass

In early 2013, Google representatives promised to sell a small number of glasses called Glass Explorer Edition. But also it will still be experimental models, not the final product. It was on them that the price of one and a half thousand US dollars was announced. And even for such money, only visitors of the next Google I/O conference — that is, a small number of American programmers can buy them.

A ready-made version of the miracle gadget will be available no sooner than 2014. That’s when the final price of the product will be determined. So far, one thing can be said with certainty — it will be lower than $1500. Google and its competitors will take care of this.

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