How Matisse Painting

According to CNN, citing the state attorney’s office, Matisse’s precious canvas was stolen from the city’s Museum of Modern Art Caracas, Venezuela’s capital, back in 2002. Since then, the fate of the painting has been unknown neither to law enforcement nor to art historians.

However, the missing, worth three million dollars, surfaced in July 2012. 46-year-old Pedro Antonio Markello Guzmán, a Miami resident, and 50-year-old Maria Marta Elisa Ornelas Lazo, originally from Mexico, were captured by intelligence services when trying to sell the painting “Odaliska in red harem” for only 740 thousand dollars. At the same time, the sellers didn’t even hide that Matisse’s canvas was stolen. To buy “Odaliska” FBI employees volunteered, they and arrested intruders. Especially to meet with “buyers” suspects from Mexico flew to Miami. While negotiating the price and completing the deal, they and were arrested. The

detainees are accused of possessing a stolen piece of art and transporting it. If the court finds the man and woman guilty, the couple face up to 10 years in prison.

Now the Venezuelan government is concerned about the speedy return of Henri Matisse’s masterpiece to Caracas. Authorities made a request to the FBI to get official confirmation that Odaliska had found.

Missing is the painting “Odalisca in Red Harem,” painted by Matisse in 1925, under rather strange circumstances. The canvas was originally stored in the Art Gallery of New York. In 1981, the canvas was moved to Venezuela and resold to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. There it hung a long time. Dismissing the exhibit was revealed in 2003, when specialists of the museum found that instead of the original for a year in the exhibition hall hangs a fake.

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