How light alcohol strengthens womens bones


glass of red light wine or a glass of beer in a woman’s daily diet contributes to the prevention of the development of diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. That is the kind of claim American scientists have come to. Light alcoholic beverages can be an excellent incentive for the recovery process of bone tissues, this was found by scientific supervisor Urszula Iwaniec during the tests carried out.

Women’s bones in old age are known to weaken much more strongly than men, especially after menopause. This problem is related to the factor that significantly reduces the production of estrogen – female hormone, which is responsible for the recovery processes in the body (including bone tissues).

American researchers decided to conduct a test that involved forty women. Ladies took light alcoholic drinks in small quantities daily for two weeks. The women then refused to take liquor for the same amount of time. The analysis showed that during the period of time when they were living a healthy lifestyle, the content of molecule markers increased repeatedly, which indicate the destruction of bone tissue. A day after taking a glass of wine, the concentration of these harmful molecules decreased several times.

Osteoporosis is mainly affected by women over fifty years of age. Research by scientists has shown that those women who drink moderate alcohol daily boast bone strength. What can’t be said about ladies who don’t drink liquor at all. Therefore, it is safe to say that light alcohol in small doses contributes to a significant reduction in bone loss.

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