How Japan Women Ministers Day went away

Women Ministers Day in Japan is not a day off but a professional holiday for an exceptionally narrow circle of people. In the history of this country, there have never been a dozen female ministers in government. Record in this plan was the cabinet of government led by Premier Junichiro Koizumi between 2001 and 2006. Then eight Japanese women had reasons to celebrate this day somehow in a special way. Therefore, no special celebrations, folk celebrations and official events on this occasion are held in the country of the rising sun. Rather, this holiday is more correct to consider a new tradition designed to preserve a memorable date in the history of the country – the day the very first woman minister was appointed in the Japanese government.

It cannot be said that in the earlier history of the island nation, women were not at all among the highest State. At least seven empresses are known, some of whom have left a memory in their own right that has reached several millennia and to the present day. However, the first woman of the weak sex to hold an official position in the government of Japan’s modern state power structure did not appear until 1960. It was a period of rapid development of the country and its re-integration into the world community after its defeat in World War II. It was this process that significantly influenced the involvement of Nakayama Masa, the daughter of an American entrepreneur educated in Japan and the United States, by then becoming an MP the lower house of the Japanese parliament. On July 19, 1960, she was appointed Minister of Health and Welfare in the government of Prime Minister Haiyato Ikeda. It was in memory of this event that the Day of Women Ministers was later established.

Since then, on average, two Japanese women have been on the list of ministers of each government of the country. And in 2007 there was no less significant event than in 1960 – the minister of defense in the country of samurai was a woman, Yuriko Koike.

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